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We’re proud to look after – and support – our Elites.

 At The Body Mechanic, we are honoured to support a group of ELITES comprising athletes, sportspeople, and adventurers in optimising their physical health.

With our tailored approach to osteopathy, clinical & sports massage and manual therapy, we aim to enhance their performance, prevent injuries, and facilitate recovery.

Our specialised treatments ensure that each individual receives personalised care aligned with their unique needs, goals and PBs!

Through our dedication to excellence and commitment to holistic wellbeing, we help empower our Elites to push their boundaries, achieve their ambitions, and excel in their respective endeavors.


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Amy Kilpin - woman in her 30s cycling professionally


Amy is an unstoppable endurance athlete and adventure enthusiast. With an impressive sporting CV, including 3 Ironman triathlons, over 40 Ironman 70.3s, and numerous marathons and ultra-marathons, Amy thrives on pushing her limits.

Not content with just conquering endurance races, she has also summited Europe’s major 4,000m peaks and participated in ultra cycling events across Spain. And if that’s not impressive enough, Amy balances her athletic pursuits with a demanding career as a corporate Marketing Director.

As Amy transitions her focus to even greater endurance adventures, including a 400km horseback expedition across the Namibian desert, the team at The Body Mechanic is honored to support her journey, and is dedicated to helping Amy achieve her training goals, maintain peak performance, and minimize the risk of injury as she tackles her next extraordinary challenges.


We’re proud to support and sponsor the Horizons Netball Club in based in Hemel Hempstead & Watford, through our specialised massage and manual therapy treatments. Our skilled practitioners work closely with club members to address their specific needs, whether it’s alleviating muscle tension, promoting recovery, or enhancing performance on the court.

Additionally, we provide informative talks and educational sessions to empower athletes with knowledge about injury prevention, recovery strategies, and optimal body mechanics. Through our comprehensive approach to care and education, we aim to help the Horizons Netball Club members perform at their best and stay healthy both on and off the netball court.

Man with Muay Thai belt


Meet Ciarain, a force to be reckoned with in the world of Muay Thai. As a professional fighter based at the Jai Dee gym in Hertford, Ciarain has earned a reputation as one of the top talents in the sport. Hailing from Ireland, he proudly holds the title of Ireland’s #1 Muay Thai fighter and ranks as the UK’s #3 contender. Additionally, Ciarain has made a mark on the global stage, securing an impressive ranking of #7 by the WBC.

With his exceptional skills, relentless determination, and unwavering dedication to his craft, Ciarain continues to dominate the competition and inspire fans worldwide. Our team is honoured to support Ciarain on his journey, providing our expertise to help him maintain peak performance and achieve success in the ring.


Introducing Rui, a formidable force in the world of professional squash. Born in Porto, Portugal, Rui has made a name for himself as one of the top-ranked players in the sport. As of September 2022, he holds an impressive world ranking of number 53, and is proudly recognised as the #1 player in Portugal.

Rui’s remarkable talent has earned him a place in the main draw of numerous professional PSA tournaments, where he has showcased his skills and determination. He has an impressive track record of 2 tournament victories and 5 finals appearances, and continues to inspire with his passion for his craft.

The Body Mechanic team is privileged to support Rui on his squash journey, providing personalised care and assistance to help him maintain peak performance and achieve his goals on the court.

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