Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage

What is the difference between Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage and other massages?

Charlie Lowry-Corry has held a variety of massage and bodywork qualifications for over 15 years, and is proud to also have a BTEC Level 6 (degree-level) qualification in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapy from the prestigious Jing Institute for Advanced Massage in Brighton.

She is the only massage practitioner in the area to hold such a qualification.

She can treat a wide-range of musculoskeletal acute and chronic pain muscular and joint conditions, alongside systemic issues that many people find difficult to get support for (such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Hormonal Imbalances and Long Covid).

This qualification is the UK’s only degree-level qualification in massage, and sets the highest of standards in Massage Therapy in the UK.

Charlie also regularly adds to her wide-range of bodywork, movement and manual therapy skills by attending CPD (continuing professional development) events in the form of diploma courses, advanced massage courses, Pilates and movement.

What conditions can Advanced Massage help with?

Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapy treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal and joint conditions and pathologies. It is safe and highly-effective as a standalone treatment, or works well alongside other musculoskeletal therapies (i.e. Osteopathic, Physiotherapy or Chiropractic treatment). Whether you’re currently in pain, have a new injury or are wanting to prepare for a sports event, our Advanced Massage treatments can support and improve your health.

Our expert practitioner can help with a wide range of acute pain, chronic pain and systemic conditions.

Issues include:

• Upper and Lower Back pain

• Sciatica

• Neck pain

• Whiplash

• Headaches & Migraines

• TMJ (jaw), teeth grinding or jaw clicking

• Frozen shoulder

• Sports injuries/exercise preparation

• Knee & Ankle pain

• Ligament pain

• Tendon issues

• Headaches/Migraines

• Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue/Long Covid/Rheumatoid Arthritis

Whether you’re suffering from a long-term condition, or have recently sustained an injury, our Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapist will work with you to develop a bespoke treatment plan that’s tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Do I need to be referred to see an Advanced Massage Therapist?

You don’t need to be referred by your GP to receive this treatment. Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapy can be accessed directly without needing a referral from another healthcare provider. We are used to collaborating with doctors, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Consultants, to provide the most bespoke level of preventative healthcare.

This can be particularly beneficial if you’re experiencing pain, discomfort or seeking professional support for your condition, and want to find treatment as soon as possible.

Our experienced Advanced Massage practitioner will conduct a thorough assessment of your condition and medical history, alongside orthopaedic and postural assessments, to develop a highly-personalised treatment plan that’s tailored to your body and health goal.

In some cases, we may recommend that you consult with your GP (or other healthcare provider) before or after treatment, to ensure that you receive the best possible care and outcome.

“Strength that has effort in it is not what you
need; you need the strength that is a result
of ease.”

Dr. Ida Rolf
Founder of Rolfing (Myofascial Release)


An Advanced Clinical or Advanced Sports Massage Therapy appointment involves a thorough assessment of your medical history, and understanding of your current lifestyle. We also find out what health and wellbeing goals you want to achieve. We then move on to a thorough orthopaedic assessment. This will help determine the areas we shall focus on during the hands-on section of the treatment to improve functional movement and presenting pain patterns.

Our Initial Consultation is 60 minutes, which provides your practitioner with sufficient time to address your individual needs and concerns, start getting you out of pain, and provide you with after-care advice to support you going forward.


Before treatment, your highly-skilled advanced massage therapist will conduct a thorough assessment of your pain, medical history, and current physical condition, this includes a full orthopaedic and postural assessment. This enables us to create a highly-personalised, bespoke treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Hot or Cold Therapy

Depending on the injury or concern being presented, your practitioner may use either warm or cold or a mixture of both on the area/s being treated. Warmth helps to bring blood flow to the area; easing muscle tension. Cold therapy helps to reduce inflammation

Advanced Myofascial Release Therapy

Charlie holds a coveted diploma in Advanced Myofascial Release Therapy. She incorporates myofascial release, alongside other MFR techniques to improve the fascia that surrounds our muscles, which can become restricted due to injury, over-activity or tension.

By gently stretching and manipulating the fascia, advanced massage can help restore your flexibility, improve range of motion and reduce trigger point pain in the affected area.

Advanced Massage techniques

Advanced Massage techniques include soft tissue and deep tissue massage work, alongside other bodywork techniques (such as: palpation work, scar-tissue work, effleurage and remedial massage) – these improve blood flow to the area, significantly reduce muscular tension and helps improve range of motion and disfunction.


Acupressure points (where Medical Acupuncture needles would be inserted) typically forms part of this treatment. This assists in reducing myofascial pain points, and reducing tense muscles without the need for needles!

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are tight knots within muscle tissue that can cause pain, discomfort and prohibits the muscle from functioning properly. Your therapist applies focused, targeted pressure on these points to release muscular tension, relieve pain in the area, and improve muscle function.

Stretching / Muscle Energy Testing

Depending on what condition or area being treated, and the goal of the session (i.e. Advanced Sports or Sporting Event Massage), we may include stretching and/or muscle energy testing to improve range-of-motion.

Tailored After-Care

At the end of each treatment, we will reassess pain levels and range-of-motion. Every client will be empowered to continue the beneficial hands-on work with appropriate rehab exercises or lifestyle advice given by your practitioner.

For those in chronic pain or
acute pain

Our Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage treatments are designed to help those in chronic or acute pain, whether that’s gearing up for a sporting event, a new
injury, or a longer-term issue that’s not going away.

Each session is tailored to you on any given day, and focuses on significantly reducing aches, pain and tension, whilst improving your range-of-motion from the very first

As part of our unique client support to empower you to be in the driving seat of your own recovery, we provide you with appropriate aftercare, such as rehab exercises, exercise planning and/or lifestyle advice (where appropriate).

For those stressed, ill or
with a long-term

We’re all leading busier, more hectic lives,
and this can naturally lead to our stress
levels rising, coupled with our sleep quality
diminishing (which puts further stress on our
mind and body).

Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage
addresses this by helping to regulate your
CNS (central nervous system) which – when
stressed or overly tired – can skew how our
minds feel pain i.e. your pain receptors make
pain feel more intense than it technically is.
This is especially great for those with systemic
conditions, such as Long Covid, Fibromyalgia or
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

During each treatment, our degree-level
Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage
Therapist helps to switch your
body from its sympathetic nervous system or
‘fight, flight or freeze’ state, into its para-
sympathetic nervous system (PNS) system, also
known as our ‘rest and digest’ system.

This state allows your body to slow our heart and
breathing rates, lowers blood pressure and
promotes digestion. Your body can enter a state of
relaxation; which in turn encourages recovery. 

Our bodies are designed to self-heal, but sometimes they need an expert to help us on our road to recovery.


Treatment offered by:

Charlie Lowry-Corry

Charlie Lowry-Corry


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