Paternity Massage

Championing the physical and emotional support of men from conception through to pregnancy and fatherhood.

What is Paternity Massage?

Paternity massage, designed for expectant fathers and for new dads, offers a continuum of support throughout the unique journey of fatherhood. This specialised massage provides numerous advantages, such as stress reduction, relief from muscle tension, boost in immunity and an enhanced sense of relaxation during the transformative period of becoming a parent.

Our paternity massage helps soon-to-be dads prepare for the exciting arrival of their child, it helps aids in recovery after childbirth, addressing the physical and emotional strains that can come with the new role.

This massage not only supports the physical health of expectant and new fathers, but also provides a valuable opportunity for self-care during a significant life transition. It’s a nurturing experience that allows partners to recharge, prepare for the exciting journey ahead and help ensure they to help support their growing family. 

Both treatments contribute to improved sleep quality, pain relief, and overall wellbeing, promoting the health of the new father.

Regularly we treat both mums and dads throughout their pregnancy, and support them from conception through to their baby’s first 12 months.

Typical conditions we treat include:

Our experienced practitioners can help with a wide range of musculo-skeletal conditions, and can help support men hoping to become fathers, expectant dads through to new dads too!

• Relaxation and health M.O.T to prepare your body for conception

• Back, neck and shoulder pain

• Joint pain

• Support with sleep issues, insomnia and stress-related tension

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Did you know?

It was only in 2003 that husbands/partners were given the legal right to take up to 2 weeks’ paid paternity leave after their baby was born.

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For the dads!

We’re here to support men at every stage of their journey into fatherhood. Whether you’re looking to improve your health and fertility, seeking relaxation and relief as an expectant dad, or in need of post-natal care as a new father. Our caring practitioner is dedicated to promoting your wellbeing; ensuring you’re prepared and empowered for this transformative chapter in your life.


We are delighted to support soon-to-be dads and new father with our bespoke paternity Advanced Massage treatment. Our bespoke sessions are specifically designed for men trying to get pregnant, expectant dads and those who have recently become dads.

Initial appointments are 60 minutes, providing your Advanced Massage practitioner sufficient time to address your unique needs and concerns during this amazing time in your life.

1. Listen

Your Advanced Clinical practitioner (who specialises in supporting couples from conception through to the first 12 months of your baby’s life) will listen to your wellness goals, and enquire about any health concerns, lifestyle, or ongoing medical treatments/medications. We want to ensure you that you will receive the best tailor-made treatment, allowing us to properly address any issues you’ve come with.

2. Assess

For those experiencing aches, pain and discomfort, we will assess the joint and surrounding muscles, in order for your practitioner to continue to fine-tune the hands-on section of the treatment you’ll receive. This will be done with your clothes on.

3. Treat

We will start to treat the areas that you’re seeking help with, alongside any additional areas that came up as positive during our assessment.

4. Reassessment & Aftercare

We will reassess your pain, discomfort and/or range-of-motion after each treatment, for those seeking pain-relief treatment.

At-home self-care forms an important part of treatment. For all our pregnant patients, we want to empower and encourage them to continue the good work made in clinic with simple at-home exercises and advice. This is also a fantastic time to ask additional questions you may have.

Should we feel a block of treatment would be best to support you and your pregnancy, then we will review and fine-tune treatment plans accordingly at each visit. Treatment is always bespoke to you and your needs.

Treatment offered by:

Charlie Lowry-Corry

Charlie Lowry-Corry


Kelly Waites

Kelly Waites


Sam Read

Sam Read


Stephen Bumstead

Stephen Bumstead


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