Disc Pain

An image of a model of the spine.

Our treatments that can help:

  • Osteopathy
  • Advanced Clinical Massage
  • Manual Therapy

Relief from Disc Pain

Dealing with disc pain, whether it’s a herniated ‘slipped’ disc or degenerative disc disease, can be incredibly challenging. The discomfort and limitations it brings, can make everyday tasks feel impossible. Our expert practitioners are here to find the root cause of your pain, and can help alleviate the symptoms associated with a variety of disc discomfort. We’re here to support you outside of treatment too, by recommending tailored rehabilitation exercises and lifestyle advice, to help facilitate healing.

Facts & figures about Disc Pain

  • A variety of things can cause a slipped disc, including: exercising too hard, lifting heavy objects the wrong way, vibration from driving or operating machinery, being inactive or ageing (NHS)
  • Stress and anxiety can exacerbate pain symptoms (NHS)
  • For many disc pain cases, bed rest is not advised as it can make your spine stiff and weak (NHS)

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Shockwave Treatment

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