Sam Read
Sports & Remedial Massage

Meet Sam

Sam has been a personal trainer, massage therapist, and recently, a breathwork instructor since 2007.

After a successful decade as a trainer, Sam’s desire to help people further led him to soft tissue therapy. He completed his diploma at London’s prestigious School of Sports Massage (LSSM) and worked at clinics assisting with soft tissue injuries.

In 2022, Sam studied under Patrick Mckweon to become a breathwork instructor, emphasizing the significance of proper breathing in health optimisation.

Sam prioritises patient education. He explains their body’s intricacies in a simple and friendly manner, empowering them and reducing the need for further help.

Sam has a special interest in:

• Breathwork (incl. Asthma)
• Lower back pain
• Upper back/neck pain
• Strains/sprains
• Arthritis
• Sports/Exercise performance
• Stress management

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